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Traveling Skincare Regime -Staying Gorgeous

Take Care Of Your Eyes

Right here is one of the best secrets from surviving the holiday season with the family. Our eyes can quite often look and feel a little worse for wear when we are away from home. But using ice on your eyes each evening is a great way to soothe your eyes, keep the wrinkles at bay and also de-stress. Just laying back with some nice and quiet and an ice pack on your eyes for a minute or two can really make all the difference. Keeping your stress levels lower is a great way to avoid those breakouts that stress can cause.

Do Not Skimp On The Lip Balm

Nothing worse than dry and sore lips! It can make you feel self conscious and it can also be very uncomfortable. The way to beat this is with lip balm and bringing a few different ones with you on any kind of trip is always a good idea as the last thing you want to do is run out. Not only does lip balm keep your lips looking and feeling good. If you have a flavored one or one with a little bit of a tingle to it, it can also be a great way to get rid of a little bit of stress that spending so much close quarters time with the family can cause.  ArtNaturals has a great Lip Balm in assorted flavors and at $9.45 we consider it a steal!

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