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Tips For Healthy Beautiful Hair This Winter

Healthy Beautiful Hair This Winter

Ahh Healthy Beautiful Hair!.  Isn’t that what we all want, specially in the winter months?.  Winter is coming and that means freezing our butts off as we go to work or take the kids to school.

It also means that Jack Frost is about to give your hair a really good beating with his cold stick! The cold weather can really do a number on your hair, but do not worry as we have some tips and also some products that can help you out.

There is nothing worse than getting blasted by the rain, wind and whatever else old man winter throws your way and then catching a glimpse of your hair in a window or a mirror.

You can look like you were dragged through a hedge backwards and now you want to crawl back into that hedge to hide!

Well, stay away from the hedge and do not hide as you can protect your hair from the winter with these tips and products.


1.- Wear A Hat

Healthy Beautiful Hair

I can hear you screaming about hat hair right now! But please hear me out. The most common sense way to protect your hair is to keep it covered, but then you have to deal with hat hair. Well, one way to fight off hat hair is by wrapping your hair in a silk scarf before you put your winter hat on. This stops your hair from being a static magnet and will result in you have to just run a brush through it when you take the hat and scarf off. Or if you are really worried about the static from a hat, use something like Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Heat Protect or some kind of Shine Spray to keep your hair from frizzing.

2.- Give Your Hair A Good Conditioning Treatment

In the winter it is not just the cold that gives your hair a good beating, but also the fact that many of us tend to blow dry for longer than we need to and also from the heating being on 24/7 in our homes! This really wreaks havoc with the moisture levels in your hair and is what makes your hair have that kind of washed out, stringy feel in the winter months.

This can be combated by using a product like Bumble & Bumble Quenching Masque or  Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Moisture Lock. You do not need to do this every day, once or twice a week is enough to look after your hair and give it protection from the evil winter!

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