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5 Easy Tips For Clear Skin

 Tips For Clear Skin

Having clear skin is something we all want and with these easy tips, you can have the skin you have always dreamed of!

Dealing with acne, dark patches, light patches and other blemishes can be a real pain in the butt. Do not worry though as right here we have five very simple tips that can help you make your skin clearer and free from blemishes.

1. Keep Your Hands To Yourself

If you were to ever watch a video of yourself for a day, you would be amazed at how often you paw at your face like some kind of wild animal. Our hands, even if our nails are nice and pretty are very, very dirty. We touch keyboards, our phones, desks and pretty much anything we come into contact with. The amount of bacteria on a pair of human hands is the stuff of nightmares! So do not be pawing at your face with your hands and that is one way to keep that nasty bacteria of it.

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