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The New Wet N’ Wild Goth Mermaid Vault Will Make You Swoon!

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Tired of the Unicorn Palettes?.  The new Wet N’ Wild Goth Mermaid Vault will make you Swoon!

Ever since Tarte and Too Faced released their Unicorn inspired makeup palettes, the makeup aficionados all over the world went crazy for the rainbow highlighters and the shimmering colors. The high street brand Wet N’ Wild joined the fun and released their own line of Unicorn makeup.

Go Mermaid!

This time, the brand has released the Goth Mermaid vault which is perfect for every girl who wants to channel her own inner mermaid. While the Unicorn range by Wet N’ Wild was all about light, soft, rainbow colors, the Goth Mermaid vault is the exact opposite.

Feast your eyes on the 9-piece ultimate mermaid beauty vault:

What’s inside the Vault?

Ever since Wet N’ Wild teased the forthcoming Mermaid range, we all have been aching to get a peek into the vault and find out what it packs inside.

Liquid Lipsticks

Mermaid VaultThe Mermaid vault by Wet N’ Wild packs in four interesting lip shades. These liquid lipsticks come in Coral Crown, Siren’s Jewel, Sea Seduction, and Harbor a Crush. The shimmering finish of these lip colors are perfect for finishing off a dramatic makeup look.

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