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Essie’s Latest Nail Polish Collection – Kimono

Nail polish is one of our biggest obsessions here at  we are always eagerly awaiting Essie's newest collection and this fall it doesn't disappoint.  Their vibrant and fun colors coupled with reasonable pricing makes it our go to brand for our weekly nail care. ...

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Benefits Of Almond Oil

What can you do if you have tried every suggestion to having longer, stronger, healthier hair and yet you are still not getting the results you would like?.  The answer may lie in a simple nut. Almond oil! The sweet yellow oil of the almond contains...

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Makeup Tutorial For Beginners

Here at we know that one of the most difficult things when using makeup is the actual application of such makeup.  Some of us (myself included) are not very manually gifted.  I live with the fear that I will put on what I believe...

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SOBO Skin Care- A Review

Good skin care is something we all want but don't know how to always achieve.  Scaly skin isn’t attractive, especially when applying makeup. Small flakes of skin have the ability to peel off making you feel uncomfortable dealing with people face to face. The key to...

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Top 10 Beauty Trends for Fall 2016

This fall, beauty trends are more creative and fun than ever. Makeup is all about saying goodbye to heavy matted contouring and layering up shades after shades to embrace your natural beauty and work on your colours. You need to think pink and peach, and start...

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10 Body Butters Your Skin Needs Right Now

Body butters and oils are excellent hydrating moisturizers while at the same time aiding you in dealing with uneven skin spots. Whether you possess dry skin or want a pleasant fragrance, a moisturizing cream should be an integral component of your daily beauty regime. Here we’ve tracked...

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