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Beauty Gadgets
5 High-Tech Beauty Gadgets

These 5 High-Tech Beauty Gadgets will take your Skincare Routine to a New Level As the iPhone 8 release draws near, the entire globe is abuzz with the latest Beauty Gadgets tech innovations of 2017 and how they changed our world. The beauty industry is no different;...

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2017 fall makeup trends
Fall 2017 Makeup Trends

Fall 2017 Makeup Trends Fall is just around the corner and brings some cool 2017 trends in makeup, some of which you may not expect.  Colorful eye shadows, metallic accents, glossy eyelids and more are part of the trends. Here are some of the hair and...

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Pimple breakouts
Those Dreaded Pimple Breakouts

Now that my daughter is entering her pre-teen years, Pimple breakouts are starting to make a special appearance  and it is not fun!.  Specially for her. I have done some research on the differen itt products available in the market that can help reduce pimples and...

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Top 5 Eye Creams - A Review
Top 5 Eye Creams – A Review

Top 5 Eye Creams - A Review This week we bring you the top 5 eye creams according to our experience using them. The popular notion that eye creams are just a formality and an attempt of the makeup industry to push you to purchase more products...

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The Exclusive Phantom 002 8 Piece Kit
The Exclusive Phantom 002 8 Piece Kit

Las year, the famous British makeup artist, Pat McGrath released her very first signature 8-piece unique Phantom 002 kit. The makeup artist also released a teaser of the shimmery product over Instagram with visionary videos of glinting golden fascination and also the snaps of her...

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Eye shadow
Apply Eye Shadow Like a Professional

Apply Eye Shadow Like A Professional Applying eye shadow is one of the hardest things to get right for any makeup amateur. In this short post we will try to show you how to apply Eye Shadow like a professional.  You will see that through these...

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Our Favorite Skin Serums

Today we want to talk about our favorite skin serums.  Serums are usually the costliest item in any skincare regime because they include concentrated essential ingredients. Unlike moisturizers, serums are not loaded with thickening agents to hem in moisture. They contain small molecules that help...

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