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Beauty Secrets about Mascara!

Mascara is an extremely popular cosmetic item and a best friend to those with both, stubby eyelashes as well as long eyelashes. This item is used mainly to accentuate the lashes and make them look fuller, longer and even darker and is one of the...

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4 Ways to Make Your Salon Manicure Last Longer

Manicures are a wonderful treat that both women and men love. There’s nothing like getting your nails cleaned up and polished to make you feel pampered and put together.   Whether you’re giving yourself a manicure, or paying someone else to do it, you want it to...

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Making The Lips Alluring With A Red Lipstick

Many women do not feel confident about wearing a bright shade of red lipstick on their lips.  Most of them think that a red lipstick is far too luminous and showy for them, and that it calls too much attention on their lips.  Some think...

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5 Ways to Use a Toothbrush as a Beauty Tool

When you think of important beauty tools you wouldn’t immediately think of a toothbrush. One of the most underrated items in your medicine cabinet, the toothbrush is an inexpensive yet effective way to accomplish a variety of beauty tasks.   Exfoliate Your Lips Anyone who has ever purchased...

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5 Face Masks to Fade Acne Scars

Having acne is bad enough on its own, but what do you do when it leaves scars that linger long after it has disappeared? Topical and laser treatments risk not only irritating already sensitive skin, but can also be very costly. Luckily, there are many...

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Best Drugstore Mascaras

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and if that’s true, then mascara is a very close second. Many women list it as a “must have” beauty product in their arsenal, and wouldn’t leave the house without a couple of swipes over the...

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