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The Coolest Summer Nail Trends

  Nail art is infamous for being not easy to do at home. In spite of having all the right colors and tools, even with the steadiest hand, when you start trying the latest trends, it generally ends up looking more like a middle school art...

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Summer 2016 Hot Lip Colors

Summer is here, which means that it is now time for you to start breaking all the rules. Beauty and makeup is an important part of this season, and this year it’s all about the lips. With so many different lip shades out there, it...

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Top 5 Spring Fragrances for 2016

Have you revamped your scent wardrobe according to the leading and raging fragrance trends of 2016? This spring, fragrance is all about embracing the au-naturel, and retaining the dewy freshness of natural aromas and floral scents. The natural blooms and fresh floral fragrances have come out in...

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