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Inexpensive Gift Ideas For The Holidays

Inexpensive Gift Ideas For The Holidays

Coming up with Inexpensive gift ideas for the holidays is not that easy.  With the holidays getting closer and closer, you may be starting to put together your mental shopping list for what you are going to buy friends and family.

To help you out, today we are looking at some of the best beauty products that make fantastic gifts, but at the same time do not cost so much that you have to resort to panhandling to pay for your Christmas dinner!

None of these gifts we are looking at today will cost you more than 20 bucks! Do not worry though as these are all awesome gifts that your friends and family will not only get a lot of use out of but also think are really cool.

Makeup Brushes Set, Cosmetic Brush Set, 7 Pieces

Inexpensive Makeup Brushes

First up we have this fantastic makeup brush set. Each brush is made with the finest synthetic fiber bristles so they feel silky smooth as they are gliding along your face and the wooden handles make sure your hand always has a solid grip. With seven brushes and a neat little pouch to keep them in, this is one gift that is sure to get a lot of use. A nice bonus is that it is available in different colors so pick one that fits her style!


The Body Shop Mango Beauty Bag

Inexpensive Gift Ideas

You really cannot go wrong with anything from the body shop when it comes to a beauty gift idea and at just over 10 bucks this here is an absolute steal! Containing some lovely mango shower gel, mango body butter, and some hand cream as well. With this set, she is going to smell and feel like a million bucks. We can tell you from personal experience that the body butter, in particular, is one of the most amazing things ever. Topping it off is the way it is presented in a nice box which is ideal for a gift.


Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Inexpensive Gift Ideas

What do you get the lady who already has so much makeup and accessories that it is spilling all over her bedside table, her drawers and is also hiding under the bed? Well, you get her something to keep it organized. This nifty makeup organizer is made from cool looking clear acrylic and it contains 7 different sections for her to keep all kinds of beauty products in. It is certainly going to help keep her makeup organized and off the bedroom floor and it does all this for well under 20 bucks.


LAIMALA Bath Bombs Gift Set

Inexpensive Gift Ideas

We are pretty sure that on any beauty gift ideas list, you are legally required to have bath bombs as one of the gifts! Well, this bath bombs gift set is perfect if you do not want to spend a lot of money, but also want to get her a nice gift. The set contains six bath bombs that will fix and pop to make her bath time soothing and relaxing. We really like how the bath bombs come packaged in a very nice box which helps add to them being a very nice gift. Getting six bath bombs of this quality and in a nice box like this for under $15 is crazy!


Hello Kitty Brush Set

Inexpensive Gift Ideas

While this may seem like a very odd choice, just remember that Christmas is supposed to be fun and this is a fun way to give your friend or family member a gift. What at first glance looks like a simple brush set is actually one of the more cooler ones on the market. It features 7 high quality makeup brushes of all different sizes, made from wool fiber bristles which will ensure they stay nice and soft for many years. But the real kicker here is the very cute Hello Kitty pouch that they come in. This is one gift that is sure to put a smile on her face and then make that smile extra cute and sexy when she uses them!


Organic Lip Balm By Sky Organics

Inexpensive Gift Ideas

Most of us go through about a million tins and sticks of lip balm a year… mostly because we end up dropping them, so a lady can never have too much lip balm! That is what this gift idea is all about. With this, you are giving her six fantastic flavors of lip balm, all packed in a nice box to make them a great gift. Strawberry Bliss and Cherry Bomb are just a couple of the awesome flavors! At a little over ten bucks, this is one awesome and low priced gift idea that she is genuinely going to get a lot of use out of.

We hope you like our list of Inexpensive Gift ideas for the holidays.




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