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Fall 2017 Skin Care Regime: What To Do?

Fall 2017 Skin Care Regime

What to do when the Mercury Drops?

Autumn and Winter season is the perfect time to strut your stuff in your knee-highs! However, the spotlight, as always, is trained onto your face. You need to adjust your skin care regime with the changing weather if you want to ensure that the harsh conditions don’t take toll on your skin. From the drier season to the hot air radiating from the heating systems, there is no end your skin woes.

If you want to look flawless even in the biting cold and the chill air, invest efforts in your skin regime and ensure it conforms to the changing season:


Go Heavy on the Moisturizers

skin care regimenThe oil-free formulas might have worked for you in the warm weather but if you continue to use it in the cold season, it will make your skin dull, flaky, dehydrated, and will give you an older outlook. For a smooth and beautifully firm skin, invest in a hydrating moisturizer. Our personal favorite is the Bare Haven Essential Moisturizing Soft Cream by BareMinerals.

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