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Beauty Sleep with the Best Sleep Masks in Town

Beauty Sleep with the Best Sleep Masks in Town

Millennial women face a daunting challenge: to overcome all the challenges in their careers and look good while doing it! Well, who has time for extensive skincare regimes? On the busiest of days, even a light scribing becomes a taxing job, let alone luxuriating in a spa.

Sleep masks are a blessing for the women all over the globe. All you need is to put them on and go to sleep. The refreshing and radiating skin on the morning after is the best thing ever!

If you want to improve your skin without putting in any effort, just slather on these formulas around 20 minutes before you sleep, and let the magic happen!

1.     Kiehl’s Overnight Hydrating Masque

Sleep Masks

Worth $55, this hydrating sleeping mask is enriched with Ophiopogon Japonica extract that will leave your soft and dewy. It also prevents water loss from the skin and keeps it moist.

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