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5 Items Every Makeup Bag Needs!

5 Items Every Makeup Bag Needs!

We All Have Our Prized Makeup Bag, But If You Want To Make Sure Yours Is Always Ready For Action, You Need These 5 Items In It!

Most of us have a makeup bag that is spilling at the seams with all kinds of stuff. Ranging from things that are practically empty to those things we thought would be awesome, but we have still yet to use. Well here are 5 must have items for any self respecting makeup bag.


1. Primer

Why do I need a good primer? Well if you use a good primer like Maybelline Baby Skin for example. Before you put on your makeup for the day. You are first of all protecting your skin from the damage makeup can cause. But also you are giving the makeup a better foundation to be put on which will keep you looking fabulous for longer.

makeup bagElf has a fabulous mineral primer and for $4.99 it is a steal!

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